• 1.

    Use a capable Jack and place beneath the damaged a arm.

  • 2.

    Slide the Safe Sled under where the tire once was and lower UTV on to Safe Sled

  • 3.

    Strap the Safe Sled using tie straps (not included with Safe Sled) tightly to the BEST of the user’s ability

    Proceed back to destination in 2wd if applicable at reasonable speed within practical distance

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Our Product

When your UTV incurs damage from an accident, this product gives you the ability to get back to your destination. This device can be used on most terrain types depending on the user.

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About Safe Sled

WE ARE DRIVEN BY ENTHUSIASM, A LOVE FOR THE OFF-ROAD, AND A SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE IN THE INDUSTRY THAT WE LOVE. Developed by an offroad enthusiast who decided to develop a solution for one of the most common issues in SXS with just an idea starting in 2020.